ACC getting rid of divisions

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Screenshot of the Teams & 3 yearly opponents.

Only problem is that the Big 12 will have 12 teams and not 14 so the 3-5-5 would not work.

I did do a sample set-up with a 7-2-2 for a 9 conference game schedule that I thought might be interesting. Having a similar discussion on another forum.

12 team conference playing 9 conference games

Permanent Rivals & Rotate 2-2 for the other 4.
UH - TCU, Tech, Baylor, Ok St, Kansas, Cincy, UCF
UH would rotate 2 of BYU, K St, Iowa St, and WVU
TCU - UH, Tech, Baylor, BYU, K St, WVU, UCF
Tech - TCU, UH, Baylor, Ok St, K St, Iowa St, Cincy
Baylor - TCU, UH, Tech, BYU, Kansas, Iowa St, WVU
BYU - TCU, Baylor, Kansas, Iowa St, Cincy, UCF, WVU
Ok St - UH, Tech, K St, Kansas, Iowa St, WVU, UCF
K St - TCU, Tech, Ok St, Kansas, Iowa St, Cincy, WVU
Kansas - UH, Baylor, BYU, Ok St, K St, Iowa St, Cincy
Iowa St - Tech, Baylor, BYU, Ok St, K St, Kansas, UCF
Cincy - UH, Tech, BYU, K St, WVU, Kansas, UCF
WVU - TCU, Baylor, Ok St, K St, BYU, Cincy, UCF
UCF - TCU, UH, BYU, Ok St, Iowa St, WVU, Cincy

This set up puts all the Texas teams together and gives 2 Texas teams to each of the other schools.


This is very good. When you first suggested 7-2-2, my main concern was access to Texas schools.

The only sticking point may Oklahoma State, which I think wants to be considered a Texas school in this context and independent of that will want TCU because DFW means a lot to them. Might be that we’d lose TCU and pick up WVU or K-State. At minimum, OkSt drops us in favor of TCU, and we pick up WVU, KSU, or BYU.

A lot of the pairings seem just nonsensical to me. Worse than random.

Louisville not having Pitt and or Syracuse as a permanent rival seems a bit silly.


Yes, it is not a perfect solution and some changes could fit better. I had to think on that one though. Couple of the thoughts:
First the TCU side is biased against Ok St on just not liking them as TCU always has issues in Oklahoma - so bias. Then I also considered other ideas.

Next, swapping Ok St for Kansas St with UH left another problem. As a UH fan, I don’t want both Kansas schools every year. Kansas can be the better choice because the football may not be, but it can help foster the basketball rivalry to grow. (Part why I have BU and Kansas in UH’s 7.

TCU and BYU have history more so than BYU with anyone else, so TCU has BYU. After that, I tried to think BYU would want a wider reach because of their fan base being more far reaching with their church.

UH has Cincy and UCF, and I did not want UH stuck with all 3 eastern teams, and I thought Cincy would be better than WVU for the Coogs. - history, Ohio location, etc…

I dont hate this idea but UH needs 2 Texas teams in this model.

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I’d rather Baylor than TCU, but otherwise I’d be totally hip to the second one. And TCU is fine it’s not a hill I would die on or anything.

Regarding the first, I think it’s kind of silly to think in terms of 2-7 when you’re talking about a total of two seasons because there are no rotations. When it’s just two seasons, it’s 95% just a matter of picking who gets who and whether you do home-and-home or scramble matchups between the applicable seasons.

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Your reasoning makes a lot of sense. Seeing if I can work around it but no luck.

I don’t care about any of the scenarios as long as UH plays Baylor every year.

That is a very good plan, Purple…I hope the new Big 12 follows that. I think all the schools would be happy with it…

If the Big 12 followed this model and were to only give us one Texas team, it should be Tech.

You can scratch those team arrangements. Conference realignment is still going on.

I might have to go back and recalculate for a 16 team model now…

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Ran some initial numbers on a 16 team Big 12. Have not done any matchups and will wait until something happens before I do.

9 conference games has, in my opinion, two good options:

3 permanent rivals, then play 6 teams and miss 6 teams. Play everyone a home and home every 4 years.
6 permanent rivals, then play 3 teams and miss 6 teams. Play everyone a home and home every 3 years.

I think I like the 6 permanent rivals best as it allows for better rivalries as some teams will not match up well limited to only 3. Such as the 4 Texas schools and the 4 Big 8 schools, and the potential 4 new Pac schools + BYU.