ACC Payout

Tweet from USA Today sports editor on ACC payout. It’s about the same as the PAC 12. Clearly the Big 10 and SEC are the big winners. Big 12 somewhere in the middle but really because they have 2 to 4 fewer schools taking a slice of the pie, not because their overall deal is significantly more lucrative. So, stands to reason that the ACC (and they do get a lot from the NCAA Tournament as well) and PAC 12 (they don’t) would want to find ways to add more revenue. I’m not sure there’s a better way than adding large markets with good programs.

“ACC distributed an average of about $29.5 million to its 14 schools other than Notre Dame, which received $7.9 million. This means ACC’s per-school distributions, per conferences’ tax records, were basically equal to the Pac-12’s”

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Will that change when their network deal kicks in? Or does it include that already?

Their network deal is already in place.