According to Kendall Rogers, Whitting

Former Major League Baseball player. Currently the coach of the Dallas Tigers soon to be 17U Beech

For those that think I am crazy when talking about a college player’s age………

Scouts want to see younger players but college coaches need to win.

I like these other comments by Roger:
“People keep telling HS kids to go Juco. 40-50% of the JUCO rosters are college transfers.”
“Want a realistic chance to go to Omaha? Better come up with $ 1 Million in NIL.”

The JC’s aren’t made up of 40-50% D1 transfers. Maybe 15%.

Of course, real NIL money is going to move the needle in the best direction, but will that ever happen at UH? I really don’t know the donors at all. Are there ones who will really make a difference. I know they are moving more toward a system where the school will pay the players, but I don’t see UH having enough money to pay what it is going to take to have a legitimate team in the Big 12. Anyone know the answer?

Wright beat UT in 92 at the old field 5-2 game 1. He was mid-upper 80’s with a great curve. Threw strikes and kept em off balance. The Horns went to Omaha that year and 93 the following year. Beech threw his perfect game in 93 at La Tech. It was pretty awesome!


Beech’s perfect game was 2/19/94. We didn’t play LA Tech in '93.
I didn’t go to any of the games versus ut in '92, so I didn’t see Wright’s gem. The game I was referring to was the Beech 7-2 win in '94.

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Your right! It was 94 and was still GREAT. LOL. Thanks for the correction. Beech could throw!


Beech could pitch.

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Malachi Lott is coming back to Houston. I realize he probably thinks he made a mistake by leaving, but I don’t think he is someone who is going to make a huge difference in the Big 12.

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He hit alright at SAM….who knows, he could tear it up in the fall and contribute….but with some of the guys coming in it’s not guaranteed he gets on the field.


He did hit well at SAM, but that is a weak conference. A lot worse than the AAC. I just don’t see it, but he is one of TW’s favorites because he was a Banditos guy. .

I agree about the Banditos but this may surprise you….the Southland is stronger than you think.

American and Southland are very close.


Sam is in CUSA.


Wonder if UH will have change of heart once Texas fires David Pierce?

I see places all over the web that are saying that UT is gong to fire Pierce, but it hasn’t happened yet. I would think if they were going to fire Pierce, they would have done it by now! And, yes, for the record, I believe he should be let go.

They’re waiting on Tennessee and A&M to be done so they can try and poach their coaches.

In seven seasons at ut, Pierce has reached (3) CWS, (1) Super Regional, (2) Regionals, with (1) no NCAA post-season appearance, and he might be fired.
In thirteen seasons at UH, Whitting has reached (0) CWS, (1) Super Regional, (3) Regionals, with (9) no NCAA post-season appearances, and it looks like he’ll get an opportunity to make it at least (11) no NCAA post-season appearances.


I would be happy with Pierce a winner at SHSU and UT

Completely forgot!!!

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I should probably stop telling parents what a great conference the Southland is and saying SFU and SAM are in it.:joy: