Activate Sharp?

Is there any realistic chance we activate sharp? I don’t really understand the rules behind it so I’m genuinely asking. I know he wouldn’t play much especially being behind in the system. But it’s a long season and come February/ March he could be a good insurance policy. We only have 2 ball handlers and with Covid going wild and all our injuries I could understand the reasoning behind it. I just have never personally seen it happen so I don’t know how realistic it is or if Sampson has ever done it before.

If I recall correctly, Sharp is more of a shooting guard than a point guard - so it seems very unlikely to me that he would be used this season.

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With Mark out I think young Walker becomes a key off the bench.
Kid is solid and seems to be a team first guy but he has a lot of talent to be developed.


Emanuel Sharp will use the spring semester as his “redshirt” year to adjust to college game and also build his body by going thru our strength and conditioning program.


And also strengthen his knee from that injury.

Edit to say: From the beginning of his commitment I though he might be someone who see an extra large benefit of being under Bishop. He was skilled but seemed to have a lot of “baby fat”. Then he got injured and that added another dimension to how much Bishop would be able to help him develop.

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Yup…this is the answer. I think we see way more of Walker. Only way we start pulling redshirts is if Walker doesn’t develop how CKS believes he should.

Of course Sharp won’t be playing this year

Is Sharp 100% recovered from his injury?

Anyone who asks whether he’ll play this season hasn’t been paying attention to the last 7+ years