Advocare kickoff attendance last 4 years

2013: OkSt v MissSt - 35,874
2014: LSU v Wis - 71,599
2015: TAMU v ArizSt - 66,308
2016: UH v OU - 71,795!!!

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This game will feel like a Bowl game or playoff.


35k for b12/Sec matchup. Who would have thought. If advocare think getting a b12/Sec matchup will bring 70k+, they better think twice. If A&M can’t get to 70k here in Houston, good luck with getting 60+ for tech/ole miss matching.

Ole Miss is on a pretty good run lately and given what S&*% hole Mississippi is their fans will probably see it as a nice destination game to go to. Odds are they’ll out number Tech fans 2:1. Still, I’d bet it probably won’t match A&Ms number of 66k.

Side note: This years game was announced a sell out the same number of days before the game as LSU/Wisc. Would have liked to have beaten that. Oh well.

Actually Mandell, if you go by Portland’s attendance numbers, this year’s game sold 196 more tickets than that game.

Tech does pretty well with the Houston bowl game, right?
Ole Miss has a lot of alumni in Texas. Seems like it’s much more than Miss State.

Don’t think OK State will get invited back unless they play the Coogs. Alabama and LSU pack 'em in.

The game day atmosphere/activities will be done exactly like the Bowl game.

LSU Tech did pretty well at 71307. Some questions pop to mind: How much of that crowd was Tech and how much LSU? Would a season opener vs Ole Miss have as much panache to Tech fans as a bowl game vs LSU? Lastly, would it matter in the end as the Advocare folks are doing a much better job selling tickets?

For reference Tech vs Minnesota Texas bowl did only 50K in 2012. Tech vs Mich St in the Alamodome just missed being a sellout at 64757 (65K).

Of course this is our hometown so we have a distinct advantage. But this is so much better that what UH used to do in the Astrodome/R&S days when UT or A&M came to town. It’s a new day and a great time to be a Cougar.

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Someone has to be paying attention. This ain’t 1990 and these aren’t your granddaddy’s Cougars. We used to do well selling tickets for the Cotton Bowl, and that was often some really nasty weather. Bottom line, win, lose or draw UH is putting up big league numbers on attendance.

CFP Quarter-Final.

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The LSU Tech game was a bowl game. There are close to 30,000 season tickets already sold. The schools take 12.500 each.

That game was 45% LSU 25% Tech 30% football fans

So I got official confirmation of OU’s actual allotment, 19,000. That is what they sold out. My source is an OU donor who was asked to dinner last night by the OU administration. So I had him ask what their allotment was. This is one of the very few times I will have such a source.
With this in mind, I think we will have 50K and OU will have 22K.


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