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I am curious how we were invited to play OU this year. Who actually invited us to be one of the teams? Glad it happened, just like to know how. Thanks

red rover red rover let OU come over!..


Lone Star Sports & Entertainment

I bet as part of the deal with Lone Star Sports, UH had to guarantee a certain level of tickets sold to the game (similar to a bowl game). UH figured that would be an easy promise to keep if it included the OU game as part of the season ticket package. With the guarantee, Lone Star Sports said “yes”.

I don’t have any inside information, but I suspect my narrative has a lot of truth to it.

I’d love to see sales comparisons from this time last year. Wish I would have thought ahead to get a screen shot of blue dots from July 2015 A&M vs ASU.

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From June of last year, this article says that they were close to 60K sold; attendance was 66,308.

In 2014 they had sold 69k for LSU vs Wisconsin by August 5.

Was it March or May that it was put out on Twitter that 56k had been sold this year already?

Ballpark there are only 4500 tickets available on ticketmaster for the game btw…not that it means anything because they could be holding back but it would be cool it it was accurate…as that would mean UH/OU has basically already matched or exceeded last year.

Plus, UH only gets 5k student tix. Odds are those will be sold quickly and the a few thousand more will be snapped up by students who didn’t get in on the 5k. Hell, I wouldn’t mind buying a couple for some students in need.

The deal was done several years ago with Mack. Risk was on both LSSE & UH. I made the comment to the guys at LSSE that with luck theyd have Heisman hopefuls in Trevor Knight and John O’Korn by the time the game was played. Instead its Lil Bit and Mayfield.

Call up one of your buds and get us a sold count.

Here’s what Duarte put out in May

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Last time I talked to someone he said they were over 63,000 which is about a month ago. I imagine we’re closing in on announcing a sell out.

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