Aggies Reading The CoogFans Politics Board?

Ok. What am I supposed to care about with this?


Grievances and hurt feelings. Typical right wing nonsense.


Aggies gone Woke!

I guess they will get rid of the sheep next.

That’s a bridge too far!

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I’m not sure about that either. Though from the subject line, maybe he was looking for any Aggie lurkers to get their view.

I always tell my son, who is an aggie. What does an aggie call a coog? Boss.

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Said the genius who tailgate partied with them at Kyle Field.

They are my kids idiot! Am I not supposed to associate with them? You sir are a total moron.

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You need counseling.

Among other examples of being totally oblivious, recently posted on the baseball forum about football.

Bite me!

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