The summer doldrums :sunglasses:!

Nothing happens in off-season


I do find it ironic that now that we are back to being in a good regional fit for our conference, the rest of college football is saying regions dont matter. Ahhhh


It’ll be especially interesting if we do expand westward, and do so in a way that expressly favors local rivalries (Arizona vs ASU, Utah to go with BYU) over expanding our footprint into California…

That’s more of a… Doh!

It may not matter to the media folks or even to some college administrators; but it certainly matters to the fans of the various schools who like to follow their teams to away games. Yes, the millionaire types can follow anywhere, but folks driving to away games, especially folks with children to take with them, have to weigh the costs. Airline prices are high and flights unreliable. Cost of gasoline is also a thing to consider as well as hotels are also higher. Let’s face it, you can’t drive to Oregon and back in a weekend. Even Colorado is a 17 hour drive each way, you don’t do that in a weekend.

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My UCLA buddy sent me the message they emailed all season ticket holders. Basically it says we know its going to be harder to travel to away games but we promise great matchups for our home games. idk just because its a BG1 team doesnt mean its a great matchup.


If UCLA gets Indiana, Illinios, Purdue, Northwestern, Rutgers, Maryland or Minnesota on a 7:00p Pacific kick off on a Saturday, ain’t nobody watching.


They aren’t done. Washington and Oregon will have to be brought in or at least some other team between the LA schools and the B1G footprint.

If only they had an option in Texas!

Let’s go get the 4 original teams to Big 12. The Pac will be a G5 conf. soon.

Ahhhhhhhhh… Bach.

Instead of SURRENDERING to the BIG10 and The SEC why not be aggressive? Why not take 6 of the PAC teams ( AU ASU COLO ORE Wash Utah) and then go after FLA St. and Clemson as well? The way I look at it, doing nothing got UH CUSA and the AAC so I am not a fan of being a stationary target again. Who needs that crap again? If anything, bold moves by the Big 12 prevents expansion of BiG10 and SEC and limits their reach and places the Big 12 as a super conference. Personally I don’t think that the BIG and SEC are finished with their expansion plans so the Big 12’s moves should reflect that assumption and act aggressively to circumvent them,

Into the good stuff now….

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If we can finally play for a championship and win one or get real close to winning one we will be OK for years to come. I don’t see why that can’t happen now. We are in the right place at the right time. This is about to get real good.


The university of Oregon- at Austin (UOA)

I like it, both schools would fit in nicely together