Alabama co-opting the Coog Party Deck concept

They claim to be the first with this idea…NOT!!

That “victory” is of little comfort compared to other metrics between their program and ours.

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Our deck area isn’t specific to students, has no charging stations or fans for cooling off.

Bear, do you always look for the cloud in every silver lining?


No, I look for the clouds to go away. You?

SMU already added a party deck for students. I’m sure there will be no comparison with Alabama, but they surely aren’t the first to come up with this idea.

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Rice had a party area at their north end zone years ago.

Rice has a party area for the opposing teams, its called the football field.


Louisville has one years ago and their fans complained that people were at the deck instead of in their seats.

Similar complaint to the club room at TDECU. But our party deck came much later.

Some folks will think thats kind of a gloomy forecast for Rice fans.