Alabama Invitational Game Thread

I love college football and obviously these two teams are formidable and great… but… yawn.

I actually want to see Trevor Lawrence beat Alabama. That dude is gifted

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Round 4 getting boring!!!

At least it’s not two SEC teams. Go Clemson.

They are now talking about dynasties that is what college football needs. Next year Round 5!!!

Dynasties can kill sports…until an underdog rises above all.

Its gonna be SEC west vs Clemson every year unless the committee sneaks in the horns

Many don’t care about this game. Now if its was Michigan vs Miami or any other two teams it would be different.

No sneaking about it. But just so it’s not too obvious, Horns start out next season ranked #5.

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Excellent point. I am rooting for Clemson.

I went to a National Championship and a Big 12 game broke out. What is with all of the passing,

Go Tigers.

16-14 Alabama at the start of the second quarter. Roll Tide!!!

Are those empty seats in the upper corners?

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Good game so far. They can’t stop each other’s offense for the most part.

21-16 Clemson.
Yep, boring as hell game
Roll Tide!

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Yes, those are empty seats in the corner. Pez and the UH ticket office were in charge of pricing, marketing and selling those seats.

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Boring as in there is no variety in the teams that are in the payoffs every year. It’s just Bama’s roided up players vs Clemson’s roided up players

Going for it on 4th and 1 from your own 35. BORING!!!

And making it!!!