Alabama = Machine

A well oiled one. Could give several NFL teams a go.

WIth the 'Bama score tonight will the talking heads claim there is no defense in the SEC like they would if that score was in another conference?

Yep probably.

And just think, Saban trained under Jerry Glanville with the Oilers.

yep…did that at halftime…but Mike Leach laid an egg…UK 24 Miss St. 2

Yeah right. The worse team in the NFL would smoke them.

While Alabama has probably 12 to 15 players that are NFL level, the worst NFL team has 53.


Put down the crack pipe. The worst NFL team would destroy Alabama


I think they asked some odds makers this question once for an article. The consensus was Alabama +40 against the worst NFL team.

He was hated by players lol

Yeah the score would something like 48-10 …

Does anyone play defense this season? Even SEC totals are in the 80s. That used to be for the Big XII…

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I was watching a game today and the announcers were talking about that. Is the SEC the new Big 12 with all of the offensive-minded coaches coming in or already here (Leach and Kiffin and Briles and Malzan, etc.). Implied in that question is whether the defense goes down the drainhole like the Big 12.

Well we shall see how good they really are when they play Georgia next week. I was not impressed with Bama’s defense allowing 647 yards being put on them by Ole Miss. The 2 teams were 49-45 in the 4th quarter then Bama finally took off.

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