Alcorn St. @ #15 UH - 12/6/21 7PM CST ESPN+ (W 77-45)

Two teams that are frankly on different levels. Houston should definitely put another notch in the win column. Houston 79.53, Alcorn State 51.53.

tulane is obliterating alcorn right now…they are terrible

im kinds hoping we pull a lady of the lake type game and hold out sasser, edwards and fabian and force some minutes to te young guys to develop and build some confidence


Bump cuz i saw Bama thread and i thought i missed this game.

If we didn’t play our starters, that would 7 days between Bryant and Alabama.

Would hate for any β€œrust” to build up.

Plus Sasser, Edwards, Fabian can pad their stats a little.

" Houston with 5 players averaging double figures. Wow" - thank you Northwestern St, Bryant and Alcorn

Houston by 28? KenPom says 26.5 on a neutral floor. 29.5 at Fertitta.

But I got us by 32, maybe 33-34 with home court advantage.

That’s a good bet to make

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blow out by half time.

Good, gives Mark time in a no pressure game to work his way back to a 9 that CKS said he was at pre Injury. Hopefully Francis and Armbrester get more than a few minutes.

You going out on a limb… huh! :grin:

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Houston -32 favorites

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-32 seems like easy money (to anyone so inclined). My hope for this game is:

  1. Tramon continues to get lots of minutes. You could literally see his confidence improving with every play he made against Bryant. He’s well on his way to being an unstoppable force this year. His court vision is phenomenal.

  2. Good minutes for Francis. Not sure why he didn’t play against Bryant, but he needs to continue to get game minutes so he can figure out rotations. He could be a valuable rim-protecting asset later in the year, especially if we get into a foul trouble situation.

  3. Carlton continue working on his touch around the rim. His moves have been great, but finishing could use some work.

  4. At least one Taze highlight dunk. Man that guy is fun to watch!


It’s game day!

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Appeared to be hurt and had a knee brace on. He was on the bike majority of the 2nd half

I love watching this team!


I saw that at the very end of the game, but also noticed he warmed up with the team. I wonder if he hurt himself in warmups?

Do we have any updates on Shead’s ankle?

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