All of you are really confusing me about Holgy

That’s where the “red tape” is that I’m thinking they are at. I hope they don’t either.

Bingo! We entered the season ranked, favored to win conference, & predicted to crack the playoffs with the schedule we had…his offense was held scoreless in two separate quarters against UTSA, needing a 14 pt rally to in the 4th to win in triple OT. Scored once in regulation the following week against TT. Then we got mauled by Kansas & I was done…it was clear a change was needed & all folks did was cry about the buyout. Just based on who we anticipated losing vs commits & the new schedule, who didn’t see this season being a disaster? Unless we make a drastic hire this offseason, next season is going to be crappy too.


I want him to win. He is the pilot of our plane, I don’t want him to fail because that sucks. But seeing this much from him makes me not want to fly on his airplane anymore.

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I hate to say it… but if holgy went back to his roots, we would have the chance to be pretty good. We have the pieces there to air it out, but he has decided to be a run first coach. This is not that kind of roster. Gotta figure out how to get golden to hold on to the f’n ball though.

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I mean at least it wouldn’t be depressingly boring.


Was Mathis hurt?

Yeah he said so on Granato’s show this morning. Said Campbell had an ankle. Mathis will be back this week

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Happened last year after the Tulane game except for Navy and the bowl. Pass to run play ratio went way up

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On the OP, everyone is trying to reconcile mutually exclusive concepts. We want the team to do well and be a source of pride, but the vast majority of posters including myself don’t see DH as the guy who will make the team successful. Tricky thing to mentally get around.

It’s why I’m not against a mid season firing. I can root for the team to do their best under tough conditions while being excited that Dana is gone and we can look to the future.


Weird, the player i know said this was the hardest the team ever trained this off season. He does say tensions are growing after loses and the different units are pointing fingers at each other.

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which message board is this ?

The Texas game is the type of game coach can pulled an upset win and crowd rushes to the crowd just because their QB can look great or average on any given Saturday.

But if UH loses to Sam Houston St he’s gone i believe by the end of the season. He doesn’t have an Alton McCaskill or a Clayton Tune on offense.

When you bring in a lot of new people, the locker room can fracture easily with multiple losses


Dana has always had lowly ranked Recruiting Classes during the past 5 years.

Until 2023 he has not signed a QB out of High School. He played 4 seasons with a QB recruited by Kendall Briles.

Our starting QB was signed out of High School by Texas Tech, not by Dana.

This guy cannot recruit at UH. When he continually laments “lack of depth” this is code for our second stringers cannot compete at a high level in The Big 12. They simply aren’t good enough.

We all can type 10,000 more words about Dana but it all boils down to recruiting.

Our UH Administration must find a Head Coach who can recruit quality Football Players.


Not surprising. You need player leadership to quell any dissension, but leadership has to be earned among your peers. I don’t see anyone on the roster who has earned the respect through seniority and performance.

Transfers are more likely to have a mercenary attitude and won’t be steeped in the culture set by the program in the same way someone straight from HS that has been at the program for 2-3 years will. Again, this is on average as any individual will be different.

So yes, you are 100% right. That’s why my belief is you still recruit primarily from HS and have very targeted and limited transfer additions after much consideration. CDH has stated he expects about 40% of our classes each year to be transfers. He is supposed to be building a sustainable program for us right? Yeah about that…

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Good point. Honestly though, who, as a player in that locker room has earned the right to call people out and demand accountability that people will respect. Dell, Tune, and Parish are gone… I guess it is your transfer QB from TT that ain’t doing good so far and hid an injury from a coach? Good plan Holgy, good plan.

I don’t begrudge him trying to play through an injury. Rub some dirt on it and keep going.

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The team captians, the guys that have been here for years. Without looking at the roster i can think of several. Hasan who went to the Special Teams coach and said put me in every package, i want to help. In the oline, Freeman and Paul. On defense Nelson, Dot and Hogan come to mind. You don’t think any of these players have earned the right to call newcomers out? None deserve respect?

If he is going to get canned waiting until January 1, 2024 will save a few millions. I don’t have the buy-out listing by year. If someone has it maybe they can post.