All things College Basketball

Anyone been watching the preaseason matchups?

I need to watch that Purdue vs Arkansas game again.

Alot of analysts are high on both those teams.


*No Drew Timme, this year. Ranked #11. KenPom #5.

I like Nembhard & Graham Ike. But i don’t think they’re a legit contender this year. Not deep & not super athletic. Mark Few did a great job last yr. Elite 8. But they lost alot from last yr (Timme, Strawther, Malachi Smith, Rasir Bolton)

Besides the Coogs, any other teams look really impressive to yall?

Baylor, K State, TCU, interested in seeing them

Baylor’s new arena. Will debut on January 2nd, 2024

In conference I assume Kansas, UH, Texas, K-State, Baylor and for a dark horse I would think Iowa St might be really good.

Texas exhibition vs St Edwards

*No Kadin Shedrick, no Dylan Disu

It does seem that they’ll have to ride Abmas & Tyrese Hunter alot this yr.

Last yr they had Marcus Carr, Timmy Allen, Sir Jabari Rice. Who could ball handle w/ Hunter.

This yr, athletic team for sure. But they were great last yr, cause of their chemistry. Very new team this yr

Having Shead, Cryer, Mylik, Dunn who can all run offense. Thats huge. Shead can be more efficient w/ more rest. We didn’t have that last yr. Tramon couldn’t run point. Sharp couldn’t. So you had to play Shead & Sasser a ton

I really like Tennessee. I think they’re a top 3 team

It looks so jam packed in there. Like a high school gym. It looks nice though. The club area looks like Fertitta Center. They definitely copied that.

WVU struggling with Missouri State. 22-18 MSU up late 1st half