All this talk about UH joining another conference...what if the AAC expands?

Why not think outside of the box and have the AAC invite more teams… invite Baylor and Oklahoma State and some others. Why break up a good conference? Invite others and make the AAC a P5 when the big 12 falls.

You gotta try (invite specific teams, or a full-on merger), but I don’t think they go for it.

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They should be doing that regardless. Even if its members agree to expansion then turn around and accept a Big 12 invite.

Aresco has to worry about the conference he runs first

If we have a chance to join a P5, then we take it without question.

That being said, I’m fine with staying in the AAC as long as we have an automatic playoff bid (albeit all stars align come selection time.)

However, if we lose out on both then I will be a regular depressed UH football fan as usual

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Because the XII name is worth more than the AAC name.

The good teams in the AAC leaving behind dead weight and joining the XII makes more sense than creating a bloated AAC.


Joining the Big 12 would not only improve Football recruiting, it would improve overall attendance for all sports, improve academic caliber, funding, donors/boosters, student support, alumni support and UH’s nationwide brand


But not if the big 12 goes away. We joined the Big East, or we thought we did.


It is now, what will it be when their bell cows leave? I may be wrong, but the joining the B12 sounds like another joining the Big East scenario. The AAC has built itself up into a good league, the B12 is a dying conference, IMHO. Yeah they make big bucks now; do you think the ESPN deal will stick when UT and OU bail? I surely don’t.

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Oklahoma St/KSU/ISU/TCU/Baylor are all worth way more than just about if not every team in the AAC.

They hold the cards not the AAC.


The Big East brand was worth more than Conference USA brand, even without half the roster.

The Big 12 brand is worth more than the AAC brand, even without the big two programs.


Some people say “Just like the Big East” as though that weren’t a big step up for us. As though we might as well have stayed in Conference USA. Nope nope nope nope.


AAC will expand for sure but it will be after the teams with upside are gone.
They will add the best of Con USA/Sunbelt/Possibly the MWC/Maybe the MAC.
I could see the AAC with 20 teams after the 4 Super Conf are formed.

Maybe so, but I’m more of a basketball guy. I still love football but was excited about big east basketball. But man, I gotta tell you, UH and Memphis basketball is going to be amazing this year. Maybe we can have regular Saturday football games in the big 12??

MWC teams probably aren’t joining us if we’re raided

It was a big step for us for a season; then we had to build another conference just like when we built CUSA. Nine of the ten full time AAC football members were in the CUSA, with Temple being the lone exception. So, how is that Big East moniker holding up. We just traded CUSA for AAC and the remnants of CUSA picked up lesser teams to fill out the conference.

Our members have since built the AAC into a very good conference while the B12 is on the verge of disintegration. Should we join the B12, how long do you think it would be before the current B12 members would be looking for greener pastures? How long before KU bolts to the B1G?

Keep in mind this would be after the MWC has also been raided. Where else would the rest go? The AAC is a nice option for the better leftovers.

AAC has a long term TV deal and structure in place.

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If we’re in the B12 then it probably means the AAC is a dead duck anyway. So why fret over what happens? At least we’ll have a lot of company if it implodes. I’d rather blow up aligned with Tech, TCU, OSU, and Baylor than wither away with Tulane and Tulsa.

No conference is going to swipe all those programs at once.

Not sure what good conference you are talking about.

Shirley, you are not serious if you are referring to the conference with Tulane and Temple. (Pun intended).

You seriously called me Shirley. :upside_down_face:

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I don’t think we’ll have a choice, Mike. The AAC will either expand or contract from its current composition. If its the latter we’re doomed staying here. The AAC could end up being a very scary place.