What do you notice?


Kolb much higher than I thought he’d be, and I expected to see Klingler


Noticed that no one in the top 25 is currently in college, so Case’s record is in no danger of being broken.

I mean, he’s almost 2k ahead of #2, so it’s already in no danger, but still, nice to know there’s no real pursuit at the moment.

i don’t think anyone will ever touch Case’s numbers

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Someone had a golden opportunity to break it with the super senior covid rule. Bullet dodged.

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Connections to Holgy?

Klingler only really played for two seasons and some mop-up duty in a third. The 1991 season didn’t produce nearly as much offense as 1990, either. I think he ended up with about 9500 career passing yards.

I notice that Ty Detmer was a Pioneer and what he accomplished is amazing given it’s so many years passed.

Not necessarily! Remember, everyone got an extra year, not just Seniors, so there will be extra-year players all the way through 2024.

The legend of the Gunslinger. My children know the stories well.

I am exactly 1 G less than Timmy Chang.

Also, only 9 of the 25 are from P5 teams.

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