Alt-right radicalized men

Is it only mental illness?

On a side note:
During the game last Saturday, there was a pejorative launched at fellow coogfans for not being optimistic (or was it pessimistic) enough and it went “what a bunch of girls”. :man_facepalming: how much patriarchy can we afford? Testosterone is a hell of a drug looks like.


Apparently mental illness in this space (mass murderers in public places) mostly impacts just one group. Interesting.

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Right! Mental illness affects every demographic but it seems like massacres are pretty much narrowed down.

I’m ready to hear some whataboutism in about 3 … 2 … 1 … (or crickets :cricket:)

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We just need to be honest about what’s happening. The truth has no side. Look at what’s happening and stop looking for ways to explain it.

It is what it is.


5 people were killed and that’s 5 people too many but in the hood…20+ folks are shot in most big cities every weekend…you obviously dont think it’s a problem as you never speak of it

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Mass shooters used to be 40 year old postal workers. It was almost exclusively work place violence.

Since Columbine, it has been mostly young white males.

Why? We need to ask that question.

This might be one of the most racist memes I’ve ever seen on Coogfans. WTH is a “white grocery store”? What is a “straight night club”?


Because these things aren’t remotely the same, stop being disingenuous.

Turf wars, drug deals, personal grudges. Just doing business, like any criminal enterprise. Houston has the same kinds of violence. Just look on the TV news websites.

The CS bar shooting was a targeted hate crime. The shooter was arrested but not charged for a bomb threat and confronting police in body armor last year. But he was still allowed to have guns, because when the prosecutors dropped the case, the file was sealed, as if the arrest never happened.

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Then why do you vote in all the liberal judges and DA’s and then complain about their actions

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A grocery store in a mostly white neighborhood. They certainly exist.

There are gay night clubs. Anything that’s not considered a gay night club is going to be mostly straight, pretty much by default.

I’ll take a shot.

Simplistically, it could just be that a white grocery store is one that is not predominantly frequented by black people while a straight night club is one that is not frequented predominantly by gay people.

The most racist meme? Seriously? :face_with_monocle:

Obama in noose or shining shoes or picking cotton says hello.


I feel like the words “mental illness” and “mental health” have been thrown around so loosely the last few years

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I don’t vote in all the liberal judges. I’m not a Liberal or a Democrat. I just don’t want an authoritarian right-wing government, especially one pushing a Christian Nationalist agenda.

Why do you vote for Hungarian-style populism? That’s what the GOP is offering.


You are maga or a democrat.


Fixed it


Then talk about stores/clubs/etc in a predominantly black or predominantly white neighborhood. To say ‘black grocery store’ or ‘white grocery store’ is racist IMO.

It’s racist if that’s all you want there. But it just seems descriptive in this case. Adding the word predominately doesn’t seem to change anything to me. Just semantics and Twitter only allows so many characters.

Ever been to Aldi?


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