Always Late W/Katie Nolan

I need to add Mardi Gras. And football too, since the Saints and LSU have a few championships.

Costumed Shasta should have to wear the costume to their classes.

The cheap labor comment might be the worst argument yet. Yes students are cheap labor, but qualified/competent is a completely different standard. And yes money can be found sure, if it’s an investment that can pay off. New academic buildings, done, athletic facilities all can pay large dividends. Being cool to me does not justify a multi-million dollar construction along with the ongoing costs of upkeep.

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Yes, great point. That is why I feel the cougar is better kept at the zoo where there is professional care. I might argue differently if we had some sort of zoology or veterinary program on campus.

TU better get Bevo to the zoo so he can be looked after by qualified/competent zookeepers. LSU better get Mike to the zoo too. Cougars survive in the wild without doctors and lawyers. We train people to work at NASA, dig wells in the ocean, and design skyscrapers. I am sure we can train someone to throw a rabbit or squirrel in the Shasta’s pen twice a day. When did UH grads get so wimpy?

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Have ever seen Mike’s cage? It is a lot better than anything at the zoo.

Less wimpy, more just not a terrible person who would make life hard on an animal to satisfy some indulgence. Or spend millions of dollars on something that has very little chance of paying off in a meaningful way.

I can guarantee you Mike and Bevo get top notch care from qualified people vets, zoologists, whomever they need. And we’ve seen Mike’s habitat, Bevo probably has the best facilities a longhorn steer could ever ask for too. Should Shasta get less than those two?

You’re either someone who knows even less than me about animal upkeep at that scale, or you simply don’t care. Because right now you sound like a dope on Animal Cops who’s shocked that his house is getting taken away, “because he had plenty of grass to eat”


Lordy, how did animals ever survive in the wild without the PETA freaks? Who said anything about making Shasta’s life hard? I like seeing live mascots and apparently they make you cry yourself to sleep. There is no chance Shasta ever comes back to campus or games, but it has nothing to do with money.

Lol, are you comparing housing a cougar to a frickin cow?


Keep flailing around with insults trying to hit your strawman. It’s entertaining.

I got an email from Mike Pede in response to my inquiry regarding this topic and he mentioned that according to research, it would cost around $10 million for a facility and then the school would need a professional contract with the Houston Zoo to manage the day-to-day habitat. Currently, it’s not feasible for the school right now, as it is not a current university priority. He mentioned that there are very few exotic mascots living on campus and even fewer attend the games in this day and age. LSU is an exception. Makes sense.


The Houston Zoo arrangement works out perfectly for us.

We get the benefit of having a live cougar mascot without the liabilities and costs of doing it ourselves.


Geez…it is obviously going to be a very, very long seven months.

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Memphis brings a live tiger to their games, but I don’t know where it is housed.

The only disadvantage to that perfect arrangement is that nobody knows we have a live cougar and nobody ever sees it at a game. We might as well claim the tamworth pig as our mascot because you won’t see one on campus.

I am also in the opinion that having a life cougar on campus is too much of a Financial expense for the university at this time. To begin with, where would you build the enclosure as there is hardly any space left on campus. And I’m sure those $10 million could be better used for the upcoming Medical School or more parking garages or something else.

I did donate to it. Bought a brick back in the day only have an interim president cancel the whole thing and send all the money raised to the general student fund.

The zoo setup is more than fine.

I feel like there is a pretty strong consensus on the board that would it be awesome to have the love cougars back on campus? Heck yes it would be. But most everyone agrees the cost of doing it the right way is way too much, and that while not at as cool the arraignment with the zoo is there next best thing. Although I will say if we could get Shasta at more games that would be better.

Simple…show the cougar at the zoo before and during the games.


Football priorities in order to improve FB game day experience.

  1. Air condition restrooms.
    1A. Ad restrooms to 2nd level.
  2. Ad permanent concession stands to the second level.
  3. Ad escalators on both sides of stadium.

Live Cougar at games is way way down on list. Building an on campus facility for a live cougar should be considered when UH is in a P5 and has a profit in the Athletic budget that will cover cost and maintenance.

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