Am I Missing something

When did Briles announce hes leaving in 1 or 2 years?

He didn’t. But you can’t blame those of us that worry.

He signed for 2 years

Soon as DK4 graduates, I think Briles is outta here

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He’s going to Rutgers. Or possibly to Italy to join his dad. Then Applewhite is going to Florida state.

Maybe we pay him to stay. He wanted to be here 2 years ago. Couldn’t pull the trigger as it was to close to the scandal. I’m not sold that he bails. Is it possible? Of course. However, he does have roots here. Hes in line for hc if applewhite leaves/fired. He’s already done the p5 thing. Hes experienced how fleeting it can be. Just not sold that he’s gone.


Let CMA go P5 and Briles takeover here

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Major Applewhite is our head coach and is doing a good job. Some day he may leave for more bucks at a P5 after having a good run here. Many of the same people who complain about him being our coach will be the same people who will complain about him leaving when all they did was try to undermine him his whole tenure here.

So far, Briles has not announced he is leaving and unless or until he does, there is no reason to keep beating this drum. Nothing in life is certain, so why should our coaching staff be any different. I feel for those who can’t enjoy the present for worrying about the future. It won’t change anything, it will only rob you of joy today. But, some people always search for the cloud in every silver lining.


Briles is going to leave either this year or next so we might as well prepare ourselves now. He’s done a phenomenal job thus far. He’s exceeded my expectations with all the question marks they had on offense.

Deriq King is going to be a Heisman runner up. Plus we have a great schedule next year. Briles will stay another year to build his resume for the biggest P5 offer.

If we do great next season, changes are happening that’s for sure

He has only been an OC for what, three years? and he is still very young. Hiring him a head coach after this year or next would be a huge risk for any team.

As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” My gut feeling is CKB would not be as successful as a head coach as he is as an OC. But maybe he needs to try just to satisfy his curiosity. We should leave the light on for him if he does leave.

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Since Ward wasn’t even in the top 10 of those receiving votes in either 2015 or 2016, what makes you think that King will be runner up? That spot is reserved for P5. I don’t remember a G5 player ever even being invited to the ceremony.

Hes on the path to breaking multiple records, and I’m leaning more towards next year

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Briles, like every coach, thinks he can turn it around. Scott Frost goes to Nebraska and they totally stink. Nebraska may now be at a point where they can recruit on a par with Iowa State, but not with Michigan and Ohio State, and likely never will be.

Briles has worked magic at Baylor and FAU, and last but not least, at UH. He may believe he can do it again someplace else, and his father did prove it can be done. As Baylor is a name brand in Texas, Baylor had a fair shot at the best recruits, whereas most bad programs are bad because they can’t recruit to their campuses compared to their conference opponents.

Lots of good coaches have been burned thinking they could resurrect a corpse. Will Kendal be one of those coaches? Unless he can land with a traditional power caught in a downturn not due to facilities or recruiting footprint (Nebraska), he will likely meet the same fate. Smart money is he goes to a blue blood as OC and waits for his shot. Or stays here and waits for the right G5 HC job. I can’t see him getting a blue blood HC position coming from UH as OC, though stranger things have happened. Even Babers (after two years a HC of Eastern Illinois) did two years at Bowling Green before getting the Syracuse job.

If Kendall’s end goal is to be the OC here and then take over UH forever, then we have the wrong coaching candidate. I personally do not want a lifer or anyone that has no aspirations of greater things. If you do not strive to be the coach that replaces Saban or make it to the NFL, what kind of goals are you setting?

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How about turning UH into a perennial top 10 team?


I could be wrong, but I think Scott Frost’s main pull to Nebraska is that he’s an alum. Although, I’m sure if he thought it would be a career-killer he could have looked past that.

I’ll admit Herman fooled me big time. I truly thought that since we were giving him everything he asked for (facilities and willingness to match salary with anyone), he had every incentive to stay here and would. I will never fall for that again, so my assumption from here on is that, until we are in a P5, any coach who is successful here will leave. I’m really tired of getting my hopes up for a lifer.


thats the best prediction i’ve ever heard no bs

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enjoy the moment rather than let your paranoid fears destroy it for you

“I was looking for an OC when I found this one.”


hope Applewhite has someone shadowing Briles 24-7

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Mr Albert where you going next!! You seem to know where everyone is going.