American Athletic Conference Football Previews

Will be videos on all 12 teams. They start with UCF:

Tulane’s up next

Ponies get previewed next:

Frost is a good hire for UCF. The fact that he has been in winning programs will help this team reset from last year. I think UCF could be the sleeper in that division. There first 3 games will be very difficult to overcome if they loose all 3 and they could.

I like Fritz at Tulane. Much like a Briles in that he has won everywhere he has been and has his on spin on an offense. I think those kinds of coaches are hard to scheme against because they are so unpredictable. Tulane could finish as high as 2 in the west.

The ponies have too many helmet combinations to overcome.

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East Carolina Preview:



UCONN today:




Only 2 left - USF and UH


I know its in another thread, but just for completion’s sake, here’s UH’s:

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