American Conference At-Large Bids?

How many Regional bids do you guys and gals think the American Conference will get? Automatic bid for the conference winner and then one more is my guess. I don’t see the American getting more than two bids unfortunately.

The way I see it, 5 teams are fighting for those two bids: East Carolina, Tulane, UCF, Cincinnati and of course Houston.

Anyone think three is realistic this year? Personally I do not.

AAC is a one bid league. Just like basketball, conference tourneys always have an upset or two to knock off bubble teams.

AAC projected RPIs are garbage. You can’t get an at large bid with a 60+ RPI.

Unless ECU or Tulane get hot and run away with the league, then lose in the tourney to give the AAC another bid, there will only be one.

It’s remarkable how far AAC baseball has fallen.

Go Coogs


I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get any at large bids at this point.


The only way we get more than one bid is if the regular season champ loses in the tourney…


“ and of course Houston”


Lol. I wouldn’t put money on UH making it.

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We’ll have to get hot at tournament time. Nice walk-off win last night. Some glimmer of hope.

I would agree with that. We have ECU, Tulane and UCF all sitting at 8-4. Houston and Cincinnati both just a game back 7-5. South Florida, Memphis and Wichita State are non-factors.

If someone other that ECU wins the tournament, American may get two bids. ECU’s RPI is low 50s, I think. But they’ve had some bad losses too. At this point I do think the league only gets the automatic bid and no one else.

Good news is the tournament seems to be up for grabs between those top 5 teams. Whomever gets hot at the right time I suppose…

ECU was top 10-15 in pre-season polls and picked to host regional….very disappointing season….so far.

Looking like whoever makes the tournament will be a 3 seed at best.

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Yup. They knocked on the door of the CWS last year and lots of people pegged them as a CWS team this season. They’ve been underwhelming. But they are starting to play well. I don’t know if they are truly playing well, or if it’s just that the American is down this year.

I think you’re right. D1 Baseball’s recent projections have only 1 American team in (ECU) and had Tulane as one of the teams barely missing the cut.

Hey, I saw in another thread you said your kid pitched somewhere and had a great experience. Mind me asking where?

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