American OOC Record

May try to go back and look at Strength of those wins. Really interested to see where the Playoff committee seeds G5 teams.

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The AAC OOC broken down by G5, P5 + N. Dame and FCS.

AAC vs G5 - 11-2

Only losses to Army and Air Force.
UCONN vs BYU remaining G5 OOC game.

AAC vs P5 + Notre Dame - 6-12

Navy vs Notre Dame, UH vs Louisville and UCONN vs Boston College only remaining P5/ND OOC games.

AAC vs FCS - 12-0

AAC VS ACC - 3-4 With 2 games remaining.
AAC vs BIG12 - 2-2
AAC vs B1G - 1-4
AAC vs SEC - 0-2

AAC was 1-6 against arguably the best 2 P5 conferences while presently 5-6 against the lesser 2 P5 conferences with no games against the PAC12 this year.

The BIG12 ended at 3-6 in OOC against P5’s+ND with wins against Pitt, N.D. and Missouri. Baylor and Kansas played no OOC games against P5’s.

If UCONN can beat Boston College and UH can upset Louisville then the AAC would have a 5-4 record against the ACC and an 8-12 overall record against P5’s. Will be interesting.


Awesome job, thanks

I believe the American had a better head to head record against the ACC last year. If it happens again, that needs to be blasted everywhere.