An all Texas final 4

Calling it now! Name the teams!

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and Kansas


Not sold on Baylor being FF quality

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They can be a load with their three guards but ultimately I don’t trust their defense or depth for a run to the Final 4

Their post Thimba? Is pretty good. Their guards are really good. Devonte George played on the same IMG team with a Jarace and is going to be a great one.
Texas-Baylor is going to be a classic showdown. Whorn might have a slight edge with its front line

Its still early on the season. Others teams will get better and improved throughout. Barring injuries…

UH, UNC, UK & ARK!!!

I’ll be lucky if i get one right. Hopefully the UH one :yum:

Love to play UT for the championship

Love to see ut lose in the 1st rd again.

I prefer all the glory from this state but if we have to beat them then that’s okay as well.


Sam Houston State

Book it!


That would be insane

I recognize only one team on that list…UH

Who are the others?

I’ll have some of what you are drinking . . . . .

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UH, Virginia, Baylor, KU

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