An interesting GOOD fact about the Astros

Just looked this up on

The Astros are literally the ONLY MLB expansion franchise with an all-time winning record.

See here:

Astros: .501
Rangers: .475
Angels: .498
Mets: .483
Royals: .478
Brewers: .484
Nats: .484
Padres: .464
Mariners: .474
Blue Jays: .498
Rockies: .469
Marlins: .460
Diamondbacks: .485
Rays: .485

This confirms my theory. The Astros are THE MOST SUCCESSFUL “expansion” franchise in MLB history!!!



GOAT status confirmed

Another WS appearance and we start transitioning to epic franchise status.

Question: if you could get a guarantee that the Stros would play in the next two WS would you be willing to spend the 10 years thereafter rebuilding from the ground up?

Play or win? 2 more chips and I might say itd be worth it but if were just talking about having a 2 year window where we might win, ill pass. I expect us to have a longer window than that.

We don’t rebuild……we reload

On the back of our practice shirts in high school……lol

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If a guarantee was in the offing, I would be driving to the Golden Nugget and make epic wagers on the Astros. :grinning:

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