And in new Twitter news

Elon’s tweeting conspiracy theories:

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And more trash from the New York Post people:

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Some are starting to leave:

Musk’s takeover divides top Twitter users: flee the hate or stay and fight? | Twitter | The Guardian

And verification fees may go up 300 percent:

Elon Musk considers charging Twitter users $20 a month for verified accounts | Twitter | The Guardian

Two people i know who have verified twitter accounts (lots of worknto get) said if he charges for a blue check, they are out.

Musk is off to a pathetic start to being a responsible owner for
a major social media property. Tweeting out such trash shows he
has a poor understanding of how much danger this crap does.

But maybe he doesn’t care, as long he can signup dopes willing to
pay him $20/month while he peddles Enquirer type garbage that they lap
up. No morals.

Elon Musk. Brilliant but Incredibly Stupid.

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I think Musk is doing a great job!



His ownership bolsters free speech.

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He hasn’t done anything yet but talk.

He agrees with my politics (for now)! :laughing:


He literally has done nothing so far. Are you insinuating that you’re cool with his platform allowing users to post misleading or flat out wrong information relating to sensitive topics like the election, Covid19, etc?

Nothing? So the the actor Jame Woods frequently posts on Twitter. I realize he has differing views from many on this board.

Within 2 days of the Musk acquisition his following increased by 75k.

How in the world does this happen?

Thousands of people are getting their Twitter accounts restored.

The first amendment also applies to people with differing views IIRC.

  1. The first amendment doesn’t apply here, period. You might want to read up on that.

  2. You’re talking about things he says he’s going to do. Not what he’s done.

I don’t know what James Woods has to do with this or where you’re going with that. I don’t care how many people follow Musk.

So if people think the the election was a fraud and covid 19 vaccinations are killing people worldwide, their voices should not be heard because it’s sensitive?

If it’s a flat out lie (which it frequently is in that space), the call gets tough to make.

You can believe what you want. But making stuff up and getting others believing nonsense with stuff like that is not ok.

What have I ‘made up’?

I didn’t say you did. But if you’re saying the covid vaccinations are killing people (at least in any significant number) or the 2020 election was a fraud. That’s made up.

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James Wood is Ultra Maga he is as bad as Kevin Sorbo and Chacie

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I still don’t know what the point was in bringing him up.

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