And in new Twitter news

Followers went up, proves he was silenced…free speexh unshackled.

Twitter is filled with bots. That help spread misinformation.

It doesnt even seem to really be about free speech they just want to peddle in irresponsible Q style conspiracy theories and be anti science…stop them and they cry…ma freedoms

I think we’re living in a strange period in time where social media is truly an experiment among society and is testing the overall realm of law and regulation to its absolute limits

I don’t agree with silencing opinions or voices on any platform unless they are insinuating direct violence or unleashing personal information such as one’s address, phone number, medical records, etc.

I don’t believe the election was fraudulent, but people should still have the right to voice their opinion if they believe it was. As far as COVID goes, both the government and institutions such as the CDC admitted themselves that they could’ve handled the pandemic better, and the overall messaging from said institutions was absolutely horrible. People were being labeled as misinformation for saying the vaccines don’t prevent transmission yet here we are at a time when the CDC director herself caught the virus right after getting the vaccine and is rebounding after Pax. You really expect people to just follow along?

Social media is just another grey area within the realm of law and politics similar to abortion and transgender rights. Sure you can point out that the first amendment doesn’t apply to social media, but when actual corporations, public officials, health officials, and verified celebrities all use it, then things get pretty shaky.

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Oh, James Woods followers went up. I thought he was talking about musk.

So James Woods’ followers going up means musk is doing a great job? Lol, ok

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I’m fine with saying what you believe but not making stuff up.

Saying the election was fraud is one thing. Making stuff up to “prove” that point is another.

Same goes with covid. So much crap was just made up of grossly misstated or exaggerated.

Again, if they aren’t insinuating violence towards someone or a group of people, and they aren’t releasing personal information about someone without consent, then they should be able to say whatever they want even if it’s made up.

You could point to the millions of everyday-tweets that are complete nonsense, even if they are memes or not to be taken serious, but where do you really draw the line?

We are getting to a point where it’s becoming acceptable to say men can get pregnant. Is this made up information? Or are we going to change the entire landscape of historic biology for an extremely small group of people (transgender males).

I would like to see a democratic public official, such as Joe Biden, get asked if transgender men should compete in women’s sports. That’ll really show the country their true beliefs. The moderate democrat has been silenced on social media, and the republican/conservative has been completely cancelled.

Our democracy and health are too important for people to lie and make stuff up. JMO.

That’s the line.

Not continuing on with your transgender stuff.

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Regarding transgender topic, that’s fine. It’s not the point of my post. My point was just to ask where the line is drawn because that does indeed affect health permanently depending on how far one goes to fully identify as male/female.

Again, this is all a grey area. Obesity and diabetes rates are increasing yearly, yet Krispy Kreme was offering free donuts with proof of vaccination. I mean, what makes this acceptable? Where’s the line?

Also, you have to remember that Twitter is a global platform despite being a US-based company. If someone from the UK or India comments a made up argument that has to do with US politics, by however they received their “misinformation”, should they be silenced as well?

I’d let Twitter make that call on foreign countries, not really concerned about it.

The line for me is lies about our health and democracy. Maybe there are more lines, idk. But those lines should stand. I’m sure they won’t with Musk but that’s his choice as owner of the company.

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If you truly want to change the social media landscape, then Twitter should require all users to provide formal authentication with picture of yourself in order to tweet anything. You can remain anonymous and still like/retweet posts, but you can’t make a post yourself unless you have a picture of yourself and provide some formal identification similar to LinkedIn. I imagine this section would look a lot different if that was the case for CoogFans.

Half of the nonsense you see on Twitter is from anonymous users or bots.

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Not a bad idea.

I don’t think (very sure of it actually) some of the stuff said here would happen if not for anonymity too.

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Liberals post flat out wrong and deceitful things on twitter every mili-second. And just for the record, free speech applies to election results, too. If Joey Reid can go on a national media broadcast and claim white people use the electoral college to disenfranchise other races then a guy in Douglas, Georgia can question a pipe breaking in the precinct basement the night of the election.

Just because you don’t want to hear it doesn’t make it wrong or illegal.


The problem the ‘stay and fighters’ fail to realize is they are the product. They are actively working for Musk when they stay and fight. They are helping him make money. The only real solution is to leave the platform.


He had to retract and delete his bogus tweet about the Pelosi conspiracy.

In what universe does a CEO of a $44 billion company make such stupid mistakes ?

Are they going to be missed? The loudest people on twitter are foaming Leftists. They should go start another platform and call it “

Musk has the money to burn. I hope he uses Twitter to mock its users. Completely dismantle the company and bankrupt its investors. Would be funny as Hell.

or TruthSocial…oh wait, that one’s taken already by the foaming righties.

No one on is fretting that the CEO won’t do what they say. They actually like the founder.

Yes, like I said…foaming righties. Also, literal traitors to our country and democracy itself.

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What’s the matter you could not add to the original twitter thread?

THE dems are freaking out.
THIS is so predictable…

You are right that people should be able to find outlets to express their views. Most sites are moderated. Even though Section 230 protects hosts from lawsuits, they usually lop off the most extreme views for the sake of PR and not losing “normal” traffic.

Musk runs Twitter now. He is free to permit any and all views, no matter how repugnant. Advertisers are free to take their money elsewhere. Investors can put pressure on him should user engagements and revenues decrease.

We’ve seen reports of abusive and racist tweets going way up since he announced the purchase of Twitter. Is fair moderation some sort of unicorn you can’t ever find, or just let people decide if they want to hang around?

In the end, it’ll be all about the money, not freedom of speech, regardless of what Musk may say. Does Twitter make more money as an unmoderated forum? If so, that is what it will become.

My guess is he’ll try to find the sweet spot between driving off users and advertisers while still letting the haters hang around to drive up numbers.


I want to know how many of the users saying the n-word or showing any sort of discrimination are anonymous accounts

Trolling or letting your anger out while protected behind a computer screen can boost one’s confidence

Nobody is going to leave Twitter. There’s no other similar platform with the audience the size of twitters’ audience

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