And in new Twitter news

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Speaking of twatter, a new covid has been rolled out. I hope Elon uses his pulpit to promote more vaccines for you guys. I recommend not stopping at 5 or 6 this time. Shoot for the moon!

And he wonders why advertisers are fleeing.

No, he blames the ADL.


Let that sink in.

So he really wants to be done with Twitter then?


Lol, good luck with that.

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Begging for content…

Why are you so obsessed with Elon lol

I know it sure seems that way. Just having trouble sleeping and fell down an Elon rabbit hole. Really what I’m interested in is the whole mess that he’s made of Twitter and the lack of planning for any business decisions. That I find fascinating.

Because Elon is a fraud and a liar.

I mean… sure? But he was one the largest voices advocating for climate change mitigation before it was politically beneficial or even socially beneficial to do so. Not sure how that alone makes him a total fraud.

Most of his backlash these days derives from political opinion it seems

Altruism or did he just want to sell some cars?