And so it begins, 2023

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We already know that, but can you confirm they’ll actually be in the Big12 in 2023?

The AAC is still insisting July 1, 2024 is our ejection date. Now we start talking about money.

Welp, guess limbo it is again

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Let that sink in.


Ya I’m of the opinion the AAC is going to deny everything until it’s official. It’s quite possible a deal has been agreed to but that it must now be inspected by all the lawyers before it can be considered finalized.


I agree with this assessment. There may even still need to be some negotiations done as far as $$$ but I’ve always felt it would get done for 2023 exit or entry whichever side you look at.

Yep I think that tweet was Click-bait to read his article. He knew everyone would be interested in that.

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Yes. Very unlike Jon. If you read the story it even says in the article that nothing is finalized, so…
He represents FanDuel now n that is where the premis of the article is attached to. Yea really nothing new.

Edit: that said I think it will all be in place in next couple weeks-- Mid-May. End of Spring deadline is needed for both Confs to make Schds for Soccer, Volleyball, Football asap.

From the Man himself!!

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@red80 not a done deal yet! Going to cost quite the buck to leave early :sunglasses:

We will just dip into the Tillman fund to make a withdrawal. He would happily pay up

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so just to be clear, thats next season correct?

Yes. On July 1, 2023 we will be members of the Big XII.



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Some people are so generous with other people’s money. We can’t expect Tillman to foot the bill for everything.