And while we are complaining

Stop it already with changing the field and uniforms every week.

We don’t need a new paint job.

We should have two uniforms Home and Away.

I guess when you have nothing else you need a gimmick.

I don’t understand the black uniforms. They look like crap and so did the field.

(But, But, But……the kids love the change)


I know you think HCNY, is going on one of his crazy NY rants.


Unis we’re highlight of the night


Yeah we really need a gimmick right now. In fact the more the better currently.

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Can we get an alternate uniform bobblehead night?


There is so so much football to complain about. Unis can wait til later next week

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I complain about it a lot in general, but they say it’s good for recruiting and jazzing the players up and I have no reason to believe they are wrong.



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I kinda agree with your crazy rant. How can we reinforce and solidify our image/identity if we’re always changing it? This is partly why we have such poor school spirit and enthusiasm for sports which normally brings the entire student body together. We need to pick some Unis and stick with it! Make it where when people are watching on TV, they go “Oh look, Houston is playing”


Basketball run through a plethora of uniforms (they had 6 different combos last year) and nobody mistakes their identity because they win.


True, but too many uniforms too.

And so do many Pro-Teams.

Not the Yankees, Not the Cowboys, Not the Red Socks. Not Notre Dame.

See a trend.

But they do have alternate uniforms, that sell like hotcakes. So you’re just flat out wrong with your post.

Here’s a New York Yankee black out uniform for example.

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In general the stronger your brand the less you need to rely on uniform gimmicks. I wish we had the brand where we didn’t but we don’t. Sort of like I wish we had the personnel to run the sort of offense that Dana and Shannon want to run, but we don’t. There are similar dynamics.

Those are old and established brands. Nothing to do with uniforms. Oregon is more recognizable than any G5 team or FCS that wears the same 2 uniforms. So how can they can become more recognizable than Oregon besides winning?

I saw The OSU wearing black uniforms last week. Somebody’s unemployed up there now, I bet.

All the teams I cant stand. Lol

If we have to settle on just one, the white helmet, red jersey, white pants is the winner.

I thought we had all agreed on this?

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ND sucks.

Yankees have one WS in 23 years

Cowboys have one playoff win in 28 years

Red Sox have four different uniforms - have four WS titles in 20 years

There is a pattern, but not what you think.

I think we need a “night with Dana” raffle promotion.

I love the ability to change the field.

While I wasn’t a fan of last night’s uni’s (wear them the 29th?)… the days of one home and one road uni is gone.

We need a Dana bobblehead that yells at you, “come down here and do it yourself, #% head!”