Andre being Andre right now

Saying the Big 12 will only be a P5 till the 4 Super Conferences push them down again.

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Better than the PAC12 and ACC overall, but no blue blood. And that is what makes a P5.

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Andre thinks it’s only a mater of time until big 12 falls apart…

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This guy! I swear. :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


Well then we need to build the blue blood… Us!


Hey, Andre is only speaking his mind. He may be right, or he may be wrong, but the super conference matter is something to seriously consider.


He also said is moving from CUSA to the Big East was a HUGE mistake…lol


He’s wrong bc as long as the big 12 is a league it stays p5 unlike the old big East that fell apart. We now have Byu in it with the others and west vir , so looking at it , it’s a p5 when y consider all teams in it. We prob get 4 or so teams in the top 25.

Andre is trying not to be a homer so nothing to see here and he’s clearly wrong. BB will be a top 3 league worse case.


God, his opinions are incredibly toxic. He was one of the first ones to rush out and repeat the term “p5” over and over.

I’m actually starting to tire of him.


Has this always been the plan by ESPN? These have been rumors for several years now. Have they just been passed around to get in people’s heads or something? Why 4 conferences? I just don’t get it.


Andre most likely voted for Ann Richards


Haha… that’s pretty good.

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If Clemson falls back to earth, then the ACC and PAC12 may not be as good.

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Andre thought we should have stayed in Cusa , I do remember him saying that

Forget what he says. He was a great qb here then leave it at that. He’s playing the stupid non homer game


Always liked Andre…after tonight…he sucks…he should have never held out in Detroit…dumb ass

I think he is being told to say stuff like this.


If you’re a mental warrior you have to be constantly rooting for the PAC to fail OOC and when we’re head-to-head.

As long as we can compete on their level or better we really can’t be excluded…unless the bylaws are changed on conference representation.

Maybe the lawyer can give us an optimistic appraisal about conference inclusion.


He needs that paycheck.

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Get UHLaw in here to tell us why Andre is wrong. I really don’t like Andre saying that stuff.

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The deal is a p5 can’t be demoted as long as in remains a league which the big 12 has done. We will be on par with with the Acc and pac12. The aac was close to being a p5 in many regards and think how much stronger the new big 12 is vs the aac. We will have 4 or so top 25 teams , more or equal to the pac12.

I’m tired of people trying not to be homers.

This is Houston and if we have ties to UH or graduated or live here then we stand up , period. I’m tired of weak #%%~~~ b …