Another Coach Calls Houston a Final Four Team

I love reading Paper City’s Chris Baldwin’s articles on the Coogs. To think that many actually consider this current team a Final Four contender, even with losing Fabian, Nate and now Mills, is a fantastic testament to our Coach and the current players.

Another Coach Calls Houston a Final Four Team


Great read.

“UH is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Sampson’s program is already one of the best stories of the season and it’s largely being talked about that way nationally even if some Houston media outlets have been slow to catch on. This is what a Final Four contender looks like.

Houston has the worst media for a major market imo.


I dissagree. Houston is a good media market for pro and UT/A&M coverage. We get great OOT coverage.


It’s ok for those sports but if you compare it to other major markets it’s lacking imo.

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I think our pro teams get a good amount of media but UH doesn’t.

We need to keep reading them and sharing them. The more eyeballs they get, the more likely we will get more.

I love CRH of Tulane quote, I already put it on the game thread yesterday!