Another College Basketball Coach to Retire

“……plans to tell the team after practice today.”

Or they’ll find out in the news because a journalist posted it.


Think you will see many more in both basketball and football. NIL and transfer portals take away so much of the time spent actually coaching that I think many will think it just isn’t worth it anymore.


He was very close to that 500 win mark.

But they’ve had a very rough season. And alot of his team are Seniors, so it would be a full rebuild next year

Interesting who wants the job, cause Notre Dame academically, their standards, does impacting recruiting

That is exactly what I wrote when the news of Jay Wright’s retirement came out. More then transfer portal, NIL I think will make coaching very hard and I do not believe these coaches want to deal with these privileged athletes. I always remember Pitino’s famous statement on championship with PHD’s - Poor, Hungry and Determined. That whole formula is probably not relevant in college athletics (men’s basketball especially).


When is Jim Boeheim going to announce :thinking:

Carmello is not coming through those doors.

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I thought he was going to retire after Buddy Buckets.

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Both him and Wright will coach again I’m sure

That 78-79 Notre Dame team was loaded. Laimbeer, Tripuka, Woolridge, Hanzlik, & Jackson, all played in the NBA… They really haven’t done much since.

I really think Wright is completely spent.