Another Crooked Democrat

Oh wait, was this debunked?

This is an old list :slight_smile: More to come.

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End of thread.

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It’s like a girls high school basketball game score, 96-4.

Ha Ha Ha. We scored 4 points.

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Voter fraud? This is the most common kind. I’ll bet the GOP doesn’t say a thing. It ain’t fraud if you’re a conservative. That’s the law. :wink:

Second Nexus – 22 Dec 22

Records Show Republican Georgia Congressman Voted Illegally Three Times In 2022

It’s always the Republicans.


Ken Paxtons voter fraud task force failed to find it. So often when it comes to voter fraud it is Republicans doing it.

Mark Meadows is under investigation for his voting.


Meadows: Registered in S. Carolina, Virginia and in a mobile home in N. Carolina not owned by him or ever lived in by him.

Re the N.C. trailer, his wife registered for an absentee ballot for the trailer with a move in date of the next day. Needless to say, Meadows never moved into the trailer in podunk NC.

There was a couple of Northern Colorado fans at our game against them earlier this year. Any time their team would score, they’d jump up out of their seats and start screaming, turning around and doing the “shush” sign to UH fans, etc. When they hit 20 points, one of the guys kept screaming “TWENTY!!” I think we had hit 50 when they hit 20. It was all in good fun, and most people around them thought it was funny. We won that game by 47 points.

This is the equivalent of that, but we’re laughing AT you, not with you.

Is it crooked if the media ignores it?

Are you asking for Fox News, OAN and NewsMax?

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