Another damn virus

And its not pretty…

Saw that the other day. It has high fatality rate but is apparently only transmissible via
contact with body fluids. So, hoping it can be contained.

High fatality rate viruses tend to burn themselves out quickly too.


Just in time for the midterms, lol. Lockdown starting 3,2,1.

And I thought Monkey pox was going to be the next thing to worry about.


I am vaccinated and boosted. Had a decent case mostly mild of covid about a month ago or less. Loss of smell, taste, body aches, fever. Fever 2 days, body aches 4 days.

Idk what I caught but I came back from Galveston today around 1 family members here and there. Body aches all day and a fever came tonight. Covid test was negative earlier. I guess this is why I like to stay in my small towns and around less people unless it’s work or a UH game. Lol

I saw monkey pox is in Galveston now.

Delta, Omicron, BA.4, BA.5, BA2.75, Monkeypox, Marburg…all originating either from India or Africa.

By the time new vaccines develop and are distributed in the United States, the next variant strain is already in circulation and bypasses whatever the latest vaccine is. COVID is going to be with us forever.