ANOTHER good write up on UH/Big12 from of all places

Dallas and its online media rag … Sports Day …

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Great article.

That’s okay… She didn’t know she wasn’t Cherokee either.


I was going to mention this too.

Oh. That’s better!


Somethings, you just try and hide the best you can.

But alas, she let the cat out of the bag !!

Commuter … com-schmutter …

The closest I got to living on campus in the mid '60s was when I fell asleep in the library.

ONLY because I worked full time at night at a lab at the medical center, lived at a beat up cheap apartment and went to school full time in the daytime. Went straight through including the summer sessions and finished in 3 years.

All of my fellow workers also commuted to UH and none of us thought about whether UH was describe as a commuter school … uhh 'excuse moi … university … or not.

I was at UH from 1998-2002. I lived on campus for the first two years then moved back home to save money because I was getting married. During the time I lived on campus, the dorms on campus were crap, we sucked at everything except baseball, and there wasn’t much to do other than the occasional intramural sport. Living on campus just wasn’t worth the extra money. Obviously we are much more competitive in sports now, but I hear activities and living arrangements have gotten much better as well. Sounds like campus is a nice place to live now. Wish it was when I was there.

I did not live on campus either but she makes us sound like a community college next to Krogers.

She doesn’t strike me as a proud alumnus.

That’s OK. I don’t take any pride in her being an alumnus. Win-Win.

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Well, since its show and tell, I lived on and around campus from 1970 until about 73. I’m going to get some hisses and boos here, but I moved into the Towers before they even opened. They had been used for some kind of law symposium over the summer of 1970, but no students had moved in. Had to talk the guy in charge into it because I had no place to go. So my girl friend and I had total run of the place until students started moving in about 3 weeks later. It was cool. We could go up on the roof in those days…And we did. Party City!

Partly because of the Towers and a winning basketball and football program there was a real buzz on campus in those days. There were apartments on the north and south of the campus so there was a real campus feel to the place. Must have been about 4000 students on campus, which actually put UH at No. 4 in the state. But most folks couldn’t see past the hoard of commuter students who swarmed in, grabbed their classes and fled back to the burbs.

Those of us on campus could have cared less. I moved to the Cougar Apartments to get the extra room. We were getting what any student at UT or Tech got.

We had MORE than the students in College Station. Every Friday they would start showing up with suit cases and sleeping bags. Girls too. They weren’t real popular yet at A&M and we were all too glad to put them up for the weekend. Our apartment had 3 bedrooms and was huge so we had plenty of room. I had a king size bed that easily slept 3. Nuff said. Quite a few other apartments did the same thing a nd the Cougar Apartments became Party City on most weekends.

I did that for almost 4 years. We went to football and basketball games in large groups. We dominated Hofheinz and added a lot to the place’s reputation for being loud.

Bottom line, going g to UH in those days and living on campus was pretty much like going away to any other college. Even many of the commuter students (the young and unmarried ones) joined in. The Greeks were especially active although the regular dorm crowd matched them in social energy. It’s good to see some of that coming back. Honestly, I’m not sure the pure intensity is back yet, but it’s getting there.

She was married with and was here to grind out a degree. There were a ton of married women on campus coming back to get their degrees. They had ZERO connection to UH. Might as well have been the University of Phoenix.

I’m sorry we could be of service.

How many times are they going to write “nice” articles about us that mention “Cougar High”?

Yep, see this constantly throughout the state. The old backhanded compliment.

They are trying to pick us up. The technique is called negging.

Just off the top of my head, I’ve seen it from:

Kirk Bohls (Austin)
Don Williams (Lubock)
Berry Tramel (Oklahoma)
Dennis Dodd (CBS)
Chuck Carlton (Dallas)
Ben Wermund (Houston)
Matthew Watkins (Texas Tribune)
Jenni Carlson (Oklahoma)
Bryan Fischer (Athlon)

Some of them several times. Jesus, don’t they know it’s an Aggie phrase?

Speaking of the Aggies, they use to sell Aggie joke books when I was a kid. 101 Aggie Jokes, Volume 7.

Everybody told Aggie jokes. They don’t tell them anymore.

So maybe one day the press can write about UH without having to refer to the fact Aggies used to call us “Cougar High.”

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Had one of those Aggie Joke books myself. Grandmother loved reading them to me and we laughed and laughed. Hadn’t heard one in about 30 years now.

Sad thing is that the media likes the narrative - treat us as some sort of underdog that is reaching way above our means when they use the phrase. Has the opposite effect in the college football world where folks want nothing to do with the underdog.

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