Another great article

Heres another great UH article to get everyone fired up for Saturday!


That really was a great article. Exceptionally written, and not something you’d expect from Bleacher Report.

Thanks for posting that article, it was a really good read.

That is an amazing article. Just top to bottom good stuff:

“It would take something unbelievable—some unbelievable opportunity—to leave,” he says, tossing aside coach speak without an ounce of worry. "We’re making Power Five money. We’re recruiting Power Five kids.

“We f–king love it here, man.”

He seems like the guy that wants to finish the job, to take the Coogs to the promised land. He wants to see 60K in TDECU chanting and to be in the Final 4 of the playoff or in the discussion each year; to say, I did that.

Herman’s personality fits this University to a tee. He’s the coach we’ve been looking for since Yeoman.

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