Another JD Tweet that is gold

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That is GREAT News…Now what happened to the ORIGINAL coogsfans??!

We have evolved.


I like the approach. No beating around the bush about leaving when the call up comes…

win win … eh … in WHAT universe???

I like and respect our AD … HY …

But his lonnnng statement sounded like something Scarlett O’Hara would make …

The condensed Reader’s Digest version … y’all

"Don’t fret … after all tomorrow is … another day!!!"


Frankly Scarlet I give a damn.

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Im still guessing they won’t be expanding for a year or two if ever

I’m thinking another conference championship puts us in the running for more than B12. B12 didn’t shut the door to expansion. Simply no need to share their revenues this year. They could announce expansion anytime in the next year. If they truly want to stabilize the conference, they must expand. B10 (Delany) wants to announce their new TV deal by end of summer. Will be interesting to see how many $$$'s are still available for others.

Well, now that that is settled, can life get back to normal?

Can we have an expansion section to put all conference expansion posts in? That way I can avoid them.

Davy??! :slight_smile:

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No, he didn’t write “moi”, so it couldn’t be Davy.

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Lol! :slight_smile: you are totally correct Fireman!

Yepp it is moi … :relaxed:

I laid ole Davy to rest where Sequin buried him and the rest in an unmarked grave near the Alamo …

And getting back to my original cougar theme … started out as CGRPWR many moons ago here and on my vehicle … but when the TxDMV went to 7 digits … I finally got what I have been after for many many years …

So if you see me out and about in Houston in my scarlet red Honda … just honk or wave and I will do likewise … :innocent:

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Gonna miss the picture.

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