Another Paper City Must Read


“Let 610 AM radio voices Rich Lord and Sean Pendergast — who spent as much time around the UH basketball program this season as the Easter Bunny — get on the air and ignorantly declare that Houston should walk away from Kelvin Sampson before promising his son anything. The coach knows better.”

lololol…Paper City landing haymakers on the glass jaw interlopers at 610.


Yeah, that was an odd segment on 610. Then again, those guys don’t know anything about basketball.


I seriouly think they just say stuff off the top of their heads lol

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Just preppin’ for the Smack Off.

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Basically most of the sports media these days. Seems to make a lot of money (see Stephen A Smith’s new contract with ESPN).


That Man should be arrested for stealing money from ESPN lol

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Nah, its on a different station so they can’t join.

Pendergast is a waste of good oxygen.

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Great write up.

Proud to say CKS and I watch the same TV channels and programming.

Didn’t read the article but my guess is “Matlock” on Channel 39. :wink: