Another reason open boarder policy is flawed

As discussed we need:

National e verify with heavy employer fines
Cut off all aid/ welfare to illegals
Build a wall in addition to above otherwise a wall by itself won’t work

You have to cut off reasons for illegal crossings

Then only let in skilled labor and true asylum seekers to a limit

Yet republicans don’t want e verify and fines so they are bs on this and just way us voting for them for temporary changes like the stay in Mexico policy etc that is changeable from admin to admin.

The dems don’t seem to care

So it’s not getting fixed and is a bs political football to get us voting certain ways

Republicans want cheap labor

Illegal immigrants are ineligible for TANF (welfare), SNAP (food stamps), SSI, Medicaid, and ACA subsidies. Really about the only kind of public assistance they can get is access to medical care at an emergency room though in especially dire situations they may be eligible for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Food Assistance program).

Well that, and public education for their kids, and citizenship with all its associated benefits and accoutrements for any of their children that are born in the USA.

If those things were abrogated…that would be something, though many would argue that it is immoral and unconscionable and is a recipe for creating a worse society and permanent underclass.

Of course, it would take a Constitutional amendment to make one happen.

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Yeah they seem to get the education benefits as well

We should only accept true asylum seekers and it can’t be millions each yr

But you can get treated at harris health, i dont believe they can get a gold card.

Not to get sidetracked, but no one ever mentions that in the universal health care debate, any harris county citizen who makes less than a certain amount can get a gold card for free. So its not like our society has no options for healthcare outside the ACA. But yes illegal immigrants can get care for free as LBJ, Ben Taub, etc

So its not like our society has no options for healthcare outside the ACA.

True. But for instance if you need something like a colon resection surgery, you can expect to
be put on a waiting list and it can take 6 months or more to get the procedure scheduled. If
you fall out of a tree, and damage your shoulder to the point that it requires surgery to repair properly, it can take over a year.

I was told by my optometrist that if you went in there with a detached retina, that they have to try and save your vision ASAP and you will be booked very quickly (with gold card). Chances are you are going to get operated on by a resident, but you pay for what you get.

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