Another thought

If Kingsbury gets dumped, any chance Gibbs could end up here? That stated, neither he nor Orlando’s defenses looked especially effective last night.

I’d take Gibbs back. His D started the whole Third Ward Defense and the Jack Boyz. While I don’t recall them holding anyone to 10 ppg, they’re certainly better than anything we have now.


Maybe. Hell, if Briles gets poached, Kingsbury may end up here as the OC if he can’t find a better job.


I suspect TT will finish 6-6, although a losing season is possible. They have KSU in Manhattan, and Baylor at home. Hard to forecast if Tech shows up for those games. I assume the offense will click, but this time of year, with not much to play for, defenses wear out. I can’t imagine Kbury not finding a more lucrative job as OC anywhere but here, and, I think Briles will stick around King and this offense at least one more year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed somewhat on Gibbs.

I think Tech finishes 7-5. They could clunk one up agaisnt KSU though. They’ve been more than competitive in the B12 and don’t have the talent of OU or West Virginia. If they fire Kliff I’m not sure what they expect.