Antifa actvisits are cupcakes and gentle souls...HERE IS THE TRUTH

The extremists pro antifa coogfans posters…

antifa is not violent?

antifacjkbr is it time to come clean?

This is cnn

So what? Hypocrisy exists? Whoever is guilty of violence should be prosecuted. Period. Fox News has guests that are fairly heinous with a frequency that would make Goebbels blush.


Did you even read the beginning of this thread?
antifa terrorists are in JAIL.

This 100% put to rest what antifa is.

COWARDS burning African American/American businesses and being bailed out by the dems.

antifacjgbkr where are you hidding now?

So I agree with the premise lawbreakers should be prosecuted and you yell at me?


Insanity brings with it the advantage of being able to ignore reality and feel better about things and yelling at people must feel good to some.

Or they just want the attention.

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antifacgkbr is nowhere to be found neither is unhingedjason.

What happened to you antifa defenders?
How are you going to dend them now?

You betcha bob all should be prosecuted.

You know what other violent terrorists are in jail? Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and other January 6 rioters.

Not sure anyone ever tried to deny that there weren’t violent rioters who may or may not consider themselves Antifa (a loosely connected group or groups).

What people deny was that every person who protested in the wake of George Floyd was antifa, violent, etc.

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Hey moron,

I’ve never talked about antifa. Your wires are crossed, per usual. Back to this for you.