Antifa domestic terrorist at it again

Other reports are that he was there as a legal observer.

I don’t know which is true since I wasn’t there. We shall see what becomes of his case, if anything.

Legal observers don’t throw bricks and Molotov cocktails.

how did a lawyer from the splc even know that was going to happen and if he were a decent lawyer he would know those actions would put the others in jail and give them records, why didnt he try and stop them ?

yeah sure, his hands on this are as clean as ivory soap.

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If he threw a brick or molotov cocktail or did anything else illegal, he should be charged and deal with the punishment. However, it isn’t uncommon for the police to arrest a bunch of people and sort it out later.

I will wait for the ultimate disposition of his case and see what happens.

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It wasn’t just a he…it was a mob….23 arrested… organized antifa terrorists from different states and even a few from France and Canada

Anyone who committed an illegal act at this protest should certainly face the legal system.

I was only discussing the one person who was arrested that was featured in your original post, as he is the only one I’ve seen reports of possibly being wrongfully arrested.

23 arrested

That was clear in your initial post. I will repeat:

If it was 1, 23, 17 or thousands of people, anyone committing an illegal act at this protest should face the legal consequences.

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cgkbr our antifa coogfans resident is silent. No wonder.

Disgusting and look forward to those responsible being held accountable for their actions.

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I didn’t read the article but based on that title, I guess that I should just ignore what is going on in those videos. By the way, those videos are from NYT reporter Sean Keenan.

I am not saying to ignore the video. Just take Andys Ngo reporting with a grain of salt.

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Are you going to ignore the 35 domestic terrorist arrests

Thread title is misinformation.


If people do something criminal they should be prosecuted, period.

He retweets videos and shows what antifa does.

Your antifa brothers at it…AGAIN.

How many police officers have been killed or injured by dems?
cbs spent 24 seconds on this terrorists domestic attack…24 seconds.