Antoine Davis

I remember there being quite a bit of discussion about how badly we needed him when he left to Detroit with his dad.

Currently he is the starting PG playing 35 min/gM for a 2-10 team.

He is scoring 25/gm but just shooting 37% from the field
Averaging 4 assist to 5 turnovers per game.

I believe his game may have benefited being here but right now he is a high volume shooter trying to do everything with defensive limitations.

He is a gunner.

If we has had Davis and Armoni we would be scary

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Wanted to move with his dad cant blame him!


:ship: has sailed!!!

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Probably beaten Kentucky ??!

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Speaking of sharp shooters, next year’s team will have a sophomore Sasser and the Idaho transfer. I think Mills will develop into one next season. So we’re probably going to have at least 3 great shooters in next year’s squad.

Just as an FYI, Antoine Davis’ TS% (which is a better measure of efficiency) is 51.0%. That’s not too great, but for comparison, Mills’ TS% is 50.8% Sasser’s is 50.4%, and Deeky’s is 50.1%. Davis also has a crazy usage rate which presumably lowers his %.

Last year (before defenses presumably caught up with how to overplay him) Davis had a TS% of 53.9% on a still insane usage rate.

I’m sure he’d be drastically more efficient here on much lower volume. I’m not sure where his minutes would come from but we could absolutely use his shooting.


Kelvin thought he was a better shooter than Armoni coming out of high school

I wish we would recruit a smallish point guard that can cut through the lane… it would give us even more flexibility. We had that the last couple of years.

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The kid can shoot. But a lot of Turnovers and minimal assist for the amount of time he has the ball in his hands. He is scoring a lot this season because he has free reign and plays a ton of min but he has not been very efficient.

He is a high volume shooter and a defensive liability. He could have used this program as a player but he would need to be able to shoot much better with much fewer attempts playing here while against better competition over a full season.

Today he played all 40 min and went 4 of 17 and was 4 of 13 from the field.
A bit of an odd stat that he did not make a single shot inside the arc but was 9 for 9 from the FT line. He is a terrific FT shooter.
He is definitely a shooting talent but also some red flags.

I am happy with who we have and the defense that nearly lead us to the elite 8 last season so I will never say I wish we had him over one of our current players

I was one that raised the fact that this team could have had Davis and Brooks on it. However, it was not in a way that I wanted them over current players.

How this team would look had Davis and Brooks stayed with the program depends on who would be subtracted to make room. It would be different for sure with those snipers but not necessarily better. I think Davis under Sampson’s system would have a different role and would need to be more disciplined and play defense.

We will never know but in typical Coogfans fashion there are always people willing to try to make a case why a poster is wrong in making their post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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I am perfectly happy with the players we have and the ones we’ve had under CKS. I don’t worry about ones playing for other teams.

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but something to add to the equation is that he is only 6’1 and literally everyone knows he has to going to be taking all he shots, so he is getting tripled almost every game every play, while having to create his own shots

if you put so much responsibility on one player especially at his size…against real competition (conference hasnt started, playing lots of buy games vs good teams so far )…turnovers and lower percentages are almost guaranteed…
imo armoni and corey likely look worse in his situation

to me the red flags are his dad. and his use of his son…the formula isnt working

it will be curious what happens with them the next 3 years, his dad and himself want him to play in the NBA (hinted as much in interviews), which before the season looked really plausible almost likely, but his numbers this year arent getting you in the NBA…Curious if they look for a transfer in a year or 2

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Fortunately, I too am perfectly happy with the current players and am not worried at all. The Coogs have my undivided loyalty.


It would be nice to have Davis and Brooks, but I agree that the current roster is plenty talented. The better our BB program becomes, the more we can expect to reload rather than rebuild.


I dig our players. As they get more comfortable, the shots will fall. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this team put it together and make a run this year.


His dad tried to moneywhip TSU again and messed it all up. Davis decommitted and was supposedly going to TSU as an incentive to up Davis’ salary but they didn’t balk and the rest is history as he’s in apr trouble again up there.

LOL, That’s not even remotely close to accurate, thebottoms.

Every word of that was pulled directly from your hind parts.

Is he not in apr trouble?
Didn’t Davis decommit?