Any bets on Elizabeth Holmes' sentence?

A federal judge just refused to overturn the jury’s verdict in Elizabeth Holmes’ cases.

Sentencing will soon follow. I realize that both the judgment and sentence may be appealed, but put that out of your mind for a moment.

Without considering that, what your guesses as to what sentence she’ll receive?

Confinement or probation?

If confinement, then for how long (up to 20 years)?

Let’s hear it!

I’m 100% sure it will not be 20 years confinement.

1 year confinement ( Or least possible > 0) and 7 years probation .

So, she gets the same sentence as shoplifting a Rolex? I hope she gets 20 behind bars.

20yrs, which means she will be eligible for parole in 7

Not under federal sentencing guidelines.

Under TX law, she might parole out in as few as four or five years, actually.

But under current federal sentencing guidelines, you generally have to do at least 80% of your sentence.

With THAT in mind, what are your thoughts?

20 yrs. I have not reviewed the whole case in detail, but from what I understand her product did not do what she said it did and she bilked a lot of people out of $.

I expect a sentence in the lighter side. 5 years max in prison then probation. White collar crime is almost never punished as harshly as it should be.

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Gosh what a travesty that would be!

Not only would she get away with bilking investors out of millions and costing them tons of money, but on top of that, she would get away with putting thousands of lives in danger by providing them with false lab reports that could have jeopardized their health and well-being if actions were taken in reliance on their inaccurate results.

Did not think of the impact of false lab reports

20 years sounds right

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I agree, probably 5. I had a fraternity bro who ran a ponzi/investment scam. He ended up with 5 years. He was even featured on American greed.

Actually I just looked it up A&O resource management. He got 188 months in 2011 but he’s been out for awhile now. I think he was out in 5.

Holmes is a sociopath. Needs to go away for a long time. She endangered people’s lives


At the other extreme they threw the book at Bernie
Madoff with 150 years for his white collar crimes.

Let’s see if being a woman gets her a lite sentence.

you have to be a sociopath or lack any kinds of conscience to do those kinds of things.

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The two are related, but I agree.

I think Bernie messed with the wrong peoples money, that’s why. If it was my or your money he would be out in 8 years.


When it comes to investors, she bilked some pretty wealthy and powerful people.

Of course, she also endangered the lives of thousands.

In the end, the most she can get for the crimes that she was convicted of is 20 years.

We’ll see.

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I just saw on LinkedIn that Holmes has made a motion for a new trial.

Here’s the quote:

“Elizabeth Holmes is hoping for a retrial. The founder of the infamous blood-testing startup Theranos was found guilty on multiple counts of fraud earlier this year, but she claims that fresh evidence now warrants another trial or hearing. According to a new court filing, former Theranos lab director and witness for the prosecution Adam Rosendorff claims his testimony was twisted and that he felt guilty for his role in Holmes’ conviction. For now, Holmes’ sentencing is scheduled for October.”

Well, as I think you said previously, that’s totally expected and normal.

Is Getting the “new evidence” thing out there now in the public possibly
a ploy to get a lighter sentence. Or would it have the opposite effect and they go harsher
on sentencing ? Or no effect at all ?