Any clue

Any clue as to why the tournament schedule (game location wise) was not prepared in advance ? ? ? ? ? Why do any of the teams not know where their tournament path goes and when ? ? ? ? ? Is this poor planning on the part of the NCAA or, or, or are they watching the games and maybe playing favorites, giving some teams a better location, therefore an advantage ? ? ? ? ? I know when I have scheduled softball tournaments, everyone playing knew where and when they would be playing, as long as they continued to win. Why is this such a problem for an organization like the NCAA ? ? ? ? ?

I was wondering the same thing. How could they not figure out the game schedule in advance even if they didn’t know the teams? This weird schedule is also causing me to have to record the game tomorrow and not watch it in real time. It’s going to be hard to stay away from my phone and stay off of the internet.