Any One Else ? ? ? ??

Any One Else tired of listening to Bill Walton as a lame, jibber/jabber analysist ? ? ? ? ? Makes me think of an empty beer can with a few marbles rattling around . . . . .


I was tired of him when he ragged on the rockets, but I kind of enjoy his nonsense now.

Nope, love him.


Yeah, I love Walton. Most broadcasts you can predict what the announcers are going to say 85% of the time, and it’s predictable and boring. With Walton it’s like a stream of consciousness kind of thing, which I find refreshing.


I never really liked Walton ever since he took his jabs at the Rockets. He’s just a lot of jibber-jabber.

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Dude mentioned The Warmth of Other Suns tonight. He might be high as a kite but he’s well read!

As a middle age man with a University of Houston education…this I can appreciate.