Any update on McCaskill?

He left and didn’t come back.

Bruised right knee

How long, if at all, will he be out?

He was on the bike on the sideline so must not be too bad.


He was walking the sideline later in the game. I wouldn’t say “gingerly” but you could tell he had something wrong.

CDH said in post game interview that he’d get an MRI but nothing specific known yet.


Save him for Memphis, Henry and car can handle USF and temple

Would the running game be better last night if he hadn’t gotten hurt? I kinda doubt it but I would’ve liked to found out for sure. Cars’ fumble was huge.


Alton is McCaskill’s first name. You mean Henry and Car.

Both teams struggled on the run.

77 to 50 yards. The difference is we never quit running which ended up with Tune’s +400 yards passing. The run is a psychological issue.

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What scholarship running backs got RS? I feel like we only saw Henry and a sample size of Car last night.

I think Walker, Sneed, and Starks were all redshirted before this season. It’s possible Starks is redshirting this year. But I think all three have a chance to be good backs for us. Walker was our second highest rated recruit in’18 and had offers from Iowa State, Colorado, SMU, etc. He’s been injured this year and will be a junior next season. Sneed held offers from Arkansas, Missouri, Baylor, Iowa State, and other P5s. Starks was offered by 10 P5s. Sneed and Starks will both be sophomores. At the very least a couple of them should be good backs to alternate with McCaskill in a year or two.

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Is Car playing hurt to the extent that he cannot make sharp cuts>

Yes yes henry



I really like his style.

Part of my family lives in The Woodlands with a Grandson in Woodlands High Band.

They all saw Alton last year and were very impressed. A “man among boys”.

He will only get better.

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Coach will reveal anything regarding injuries unless he has to.

If opposing teams knew his exact injury, they may try to tackle him extra hard in that area.

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Is that what the do in the NFL, since they do list specific injuries?