Anybody else getting a bad feeling?

First the governor and Lt. Governor, now UT’s president and then chancellor all come out on Twitter supporting our inclusion in the Big 12? Somethings rotten in the state of Denmark. This seems very orchestrated, and now I’m waiting for Lucy to pull the ball.

UT approaches everything with self interest. The support for UH could be a play to get other schools to enter the conference at a discounted rate… meaning, b12 will say to school X, if you want to replace UH in our list, take a far lesser cut of the money or something that effect.

JESUS, deliver me from whiners who REFUSE to accept that something GOOD is actually about to happen!!!



Still i’m suspicious. Ut says we’re ok to get in because they are on their way out!

Trust me, no whiner here. If UT’s support is legitimate, I’m over the moon. But when has the University of Texas done anything that would benefit us without an enormous counter-benefit to themselves? If this display is genuine, I will bet that it is contingent on us agreeing to a UT-Houston campus.

Maybe ut knows that the non-Texas schools are against UH’s entry and if we do not get enough votes, they can say…
…“well, we tried”. It gets every politician off their back.

Those who doubt this could happened were not around from 1965…to the present.

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Tccoog10, What exactly would give you a good feeling at this point? I dont follow you at all. We are in. Book it.

I also would hold my excitement. We all know what happen when UH got invited to the Big East. Most of the big schools bail out of the conference. Even the name Big East was taken away. TCU knew that and that’s why they left to the Big 12 quick.

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lol loved that skit. Hard to find.

We reportedly have already agreed to that, so people need to stop complaining about it…UT is not going to put in a regular 4 year undergrad campus here…it will be a specialty campus, probably relating to the medical field. Wouldnt surprise me for us to be a partner with them on that campus, in some fashion.
and on their way out? WHEN? the GOR doesnt expire till 2024…WHERE?? They cant take the LHN to any other conference…They are going to give it up?? doubt it…

Uhhh … Star Wars this IS not!!!

The admins should create a “bad feelings” sub board for those none believers

The rest of us can FINALLY see the end of a VERY long tunnel and a glimpse of light at the end!!!


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Bad Feelings sub board? HYSTERICAL!!! Good one, Paws…
I see that light just like you. Sooner or later even the most negative posters who are real Coogs will see the light. Folks, P5 is coming…jump on board!

I would not mind a partnership

Um, I hate to break it to you but UT already has “medical” covered here in Houston with a medical school, a nursing school, a dental school, and a school of public health.

UT officials have already admitted that “lower” level classes will be offered. This means undergraduate level courses. There are 6 metro areas in Texas with 500,000+ population. They are;

San Antonio
El Paso
Rio Grande Valley

There are two undergraduate/graduate schools in DFW and 1 each in San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, and the RGV. Houston is the missing hole. If you think they are planning anything other than a regular college campus then you are fooling yourself.

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I doubt the UT folks are going with the “well, we tried…” defense. That would severely weaken their image, and I doubt the numerous UH grads in Texas would believe them. UT has always been known to get what it wants, especially when they put themselves out their publicly like they did today.

I also doubt the Governor and LT Governor would put themselves out there as they did today and take UTs “we tried” excuse. That would weaken their power and possibly cause quite a few UH alums to not vote with them or for them.

I’ve seen this idea of the “we tried defense” floated by a number of CFB writers today. What I’ve seen over the last 72 hours is that there are no writers who really have inside sources and they are mostly full of hot air while pushing their own agendas. Hell, Flugaur and the DudeofWV had more right about today than most of the legitimate writers have had.

You do remember the Big East debacle, right? Forget the past and you’re doomed to repeat it.

I’m excited about this possibility, but am skeptical as well. I hope we pursue this 100%, but also keep our options open with any opportunities with the PAC and ACC.

Exactly. Amazing how short people’s memories can be. I am 100% all in on a P5 bid, and as excited about the future of this football program as I have ever been. But I will temper my excitement until we get a little further down the road. We’ve had the rug pulled out on us before, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it happens again.

For what it’s worth, most of the UT sites do not think this public support from Austin is genuine. They say it is merely political posturing so that when we don’t get the 8 votes necessary to join, they can say “hey, it wasn’t us.”

i agree with Pray’s analysis…It is one thing for Texas to come out later and say that they voted for Houston, but they didnt get the votes…It is quite another for their entire leadership to come out publicly and say Houston needs to be a member of Big 12, before the vote is taken.
Texas ALWAYS gets what they want…A primal driving force behind the league is keeping Texas happy so they dont leave.
Politicians and the UT decision makers do not go public unless they know what final result will be…Failing would make them look weak, the last thing they want.

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“We finally got invited to the Big 12 and then we dropped our football program,” Debbie Downer.

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