Anybody else getting links to malware?

Just got directed straight to a malware site from clicking on something. If you see something with a gray background and old computer looking text, shut your browser immediately. Here is the site I was directed to.

http : //


Happened to me last week, just closed the browser and seems fine

Please tell me what advertisement was displaying when you clicked on it. We have zero tolerance of malware and will end our relationship with the advertisers.

I get the same links too infolinks ads?

its the ad that appears from the bottom of the page when you open for the first time.

Same here. Every time I open a new page I have the info links pop up at the bottom of the page. Also have highlighted text in people’s replies (not something they have hyper linked). I’ve accidentally clicked on both and had to use task manager to kill my browser after being redirected to a malware site.

Yeah, infolinks for me as well.

Yes. I have had it try to get me to downloads “patches” and I hadn’t even clicked on anything. I just kill the browser and start over again.

Infolinks is the banner ad network and are legit, however, if we are getting malware that is not going to work. We are investigating.

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