Anybody Meeting the team at the Guy Lewis Center?

Anybody know when they are getting back?

Hopefully they get to stay and watch the finals

Don’t know. Depends whether or not they get kicked out of their hotel.


Oregon State famously got booted in the middle of the night after they lost. No way we’re staying for the finals unless the school is buying 'em tickets.

have been curious about this as well

if anyone knows the arrival time please post details

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Yeah, they need a good reception.

I will be there if I know when


Someone should try and get in touch with Pede

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If we can get a date/time, I’d like to be there to welcome them home in style

I’m assuming tonight / tomorrow sometime

Per some posts on FB, the team arrives at GuyV today at 2:15p.


I’ll be there at 1:45… anybody else coming?

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Anyone make it? Really unfortunate they came back on Easter Sunday… they deserved a huge welcome!


Yeah, was there a good contingent there? They should have a reception with the fans to show them support.

Seems unlikely going off the lack of social media content.

I believe a scheduled celebration is in the works… hopefully it’s in the football stadium and a lot of people can show.

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